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PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership Digital Code


This is a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership Digital Code Listing for the U.S Only.

Other regions will be rolled out in the future, so bookmark this!

As a PlayStation owner, you must have realized by now that PS Plus is the key to accessing online multiplayer on most games.

It also enables you to get 2 free games monthly as long as you have it.

How It Works:

This service is not a modification/cheat/hack. So do not expect any of the mentioned.

We buy in bulk from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Your upgrades are legitimate.

When purchasing,

Add your PSN email and password in the additional notes section.

( I recommend you to first change it to some random password that you do not use elsewhere so that you can change it back to your normal password once I am done upgrading your account)

Once you are upgraded, you’ll get an email confirmation from the PS Store on your email as usual.

When I’ve notified you of order completion, you can change your password or revert back to your old one.


Why can’t you just send the code?

By now you should have known that there are some bad seeds who use the code then say they did not receive it, so this is a measure to stop that.

For The Gamers.



All orders are delivered within 24 hrs of purchase.

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