Top Ten Shows To Watch On CBS All Access. – By Daxxy

Tell Me A Story CBS All Access
An image depicting the ‘Tell Me A Story Series’

CBS All Access is the streaming service owned by broadcast company CBS. This channel has a huge variety of CBS classics from old shows to currently airing classics as well as a variety of completely original shows. CBS All Access is great for people that want to catch up on the latest season of shows like Survivor, but that’s far from this streaming service’s only offering.

10. The Twilight Zone (5.7)

The Twilight Zone premiered in 2019 and is a CBS All Access exclusive. This series is a reboot of the classic science fiction series and is narrated by Jordan Peele who works as an executive producer of the series. Peele is best known for his work on eerie films like Us and Get Out, so his involvement in a show like this is no surprise.

Like the original, this series is an anthology series that puts seemingly normal people into surreal and often terrifying situations. It’s a science fiction series that shines a light on humanity through the various unusual things that happen throughout the episodes of the show.

9. No Activity (6.6)

No Activity is a comedic series that premiered on CBS All Access in 2017. The series has Will Ferrell as one of the producers of the series, so fans of his hilarious movies know that this show is definitely one to turn on if you’re looking for something funny.

This show is based on the Australian series by the same name and follows the various people that are involved in an intense, high stakes cartel bust. But, this series isn’t the same kind of intense drug drama as a show like Breaking Bad. Instead, it puts a humorous twist on the different parts of this cartel bust.

8. Strange Angel (6.9)

Strange Angel is a historical TV series that premiered on CBS All Access in 2018 and aired for two seasons until it ended in 2019. The series follows Jack Parsons, a blue-collar worker living in the 1930s who seems to lead a pretty normal life as a janitor in a chemical plant.

But, his interests are anything but normal. While following his secret dreams of having a more magical and mysterious life, Jack Parsons found himself pulled into the secret underworld of the occult. He became a student of the infamous Aleister Crowley and uses Crowley’s teachings to further his own life and desires.

7. Star Trek: Short Treks (7.0)

Star Trek fans are definitely in luck if they’re looking to experience some of the intense space drama that the franchise has featured over the years. This franchise is a massively famous one and CBS All Access has its fair share of Star Trek programming available for fans to enjoy.

Star Trek: Short Treks is an anthology series that began airing on CBS All Access in 2018. For Star Trek fans that just can’t seem to get enough of their favorite characters, this show is definitely a great one to check out. It features one-off stories that feature characters, plots, and themes from Star Trek: Discovery to expand the world and story of the series.

6Tell Me A Story (7.2)

Tell Me a Story is a CBS All Access exclusive series that premiered in 2018. Fans of The Vampire Diaries will likely be interested in this series since it stars Paul Wesley, the actor that played Stefan Salvatore in that vampire drama.

This series is one that’s similar to Once Upon a Time in that it takes classic fairy tales and fairy tale characters we already know and love but puts a much darker and eerier twist on them. This series is less of a fun, lighthearted take on these classic stories and more of a psychological thriller, but the familiar themes make it so much fun to watch.

5. Interrogation (7.4)

Interrogation is a dramatic crime series that began airing on CBS in February of 2020. The entire series was listed on the streaming service on the day of the series’ release, meaning that viewers that really got into the story didn’t have to wait for the next episode to come out.

This series is really unique because of the format. The plot follows a man who was convicted of murdering his mother, but he continued to claim innocence during his years in prison. After watching the pilot, viewers can watch the episodes in any order to see the evidence and make up their own decision about the case before watching the finale to find out the truth.

4. Star Trek: Discovery (7.4)

Star Trek: Discovery is the seventh series in the Star Trek franchise. This series is the first one to be released since Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005 and premiered in 2017.

This series is set a decade before the first Star Trek series and follows the USS Discovery on the various adventures through space that the crew members take. For fans of any of the other Star Trek series, this show is a familiar one in that it features a lot of similar themes and ideas that past shows have had. But, it’s a fresh new Star Trek series and is what has drawn a lot of people to CBS All Access, so it’s no surprise it’s so high up on this list.

3. Why Women Kill (8.3)

Why Women Kill premiered in 2019 and is a darkly comedic series that follows women living in three different periods of time with three vastly different lifestyles – one in the present day, one in the 1980s, and one in the 1960s. Despite being so different, these three women have one thing in common: their husbands aren’t faithful.

This series follows the way that these women find out about their husbands’ infidelity and the way that it impacts their lives. After finding out about their husbands’ secrets, each of these women chooses to take the life of another person as a result of their marital troubles.

2. Star Trek: Picard (8.3)

Star Trek: Picard is a series that premiered in 2020 and is a CBS All Access exclusive. The series features Sir Patrick Stewart stepping back into the iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard, something that many Star Trek fans have been hoping to see.

The series is set after Picard had retired and is living a quiet, calm life on his vineyard, but things change for him when he’s contacted by a woman named Dahj who seems to need his help. This series follows the Star Trek: The Next Generation character’s life as he steps into a whole new mystery.

1. The Good Fight (8.3)

The Good Fight is a legal drama that began airing on CBS All Access in 2017. This series was the first scripted drama to exclusively begin airing on the streaming service and is the show that brought us all of the other original content that CBS All Access has premiered since then, so it’s no surprise that this series is so popular today.

The series is a spin-off of The Good Wife, a series that aired on CBS from 2009 through 2016. This series is set just after the final episodes of The Good Wife. After Diane loses her entire life savings, she’s forced to start her life over at a new law firm and try to move on.

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